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Proudly Represents:

Insulator Seal Inc.

Electrical Feedthroughs, Fluid Feedthroughs, Viewports, and Glass Components

Insulator Seal Inc. is a key provider and world leader in the manufacture of Electrical & Optical, ceramic-to-metal components for the vacuum science & technology community.

Advanced Energy

Power Supplies

Advanced Energy is a global leader in innovative power solutions, offering power supplies and non-contact thermal instrumentation.

Angstrom Sciences

Angstrom Sciences

Angstrom Sciences supplies high performance magnetron sputtering cathodes, magnet retrofits, and PVD materials for a wide variety of R&D and production applications.

Applied Thermal Control

Applied Thermal Control

ATC offers a versatile range of compact and quiet recirculating chillers with cooling capacities from 0.5kW to 14kW.


CTI-Cryogenics ®


High and Ultra-High Vacuum

CTI-Cryogenics is recognized throughout the world as the leading producer of innovative products based on cryogenic and vacuum technology. CTI cryopumps are the preferred choice among the world's leading vacuum-processing equipment manufacturers.

Edwards Vacuum

Pumps and Components

Atmosphere to Ultra-High Vacuum

Dedicated to keeping pace with your vacuum-technology requirements, Edwards Vacuum is recognized as a leading manufacturer and supplier of vacuum pumps, pumping systems, and components.

Gamma Vacuum

Ion Pumps

High to Ultra-High Vacuum

Gamma Vacuum is a leading supplier of UHV ion pumps, ion pump controllers, and ion pump accessories. They are dedicated to one thing: "creating the purest vacuum environments on Earth."

MKS Instruments/Granville-Phillips

Vacuum Instrumentation for Total and Partial Pressure

Atmosphere to Ultra-High Vacuum

Recognized as a leader in supplying vacuum equipment of exceptional quality for over 40 years, MKS Instruments/Granville-Phillips offers a complete line of instrumentation and gauging from atmosphere to UHV. They also offer the 830 Vacuum Quality Monitor (VQM), the world's fastest and lowest power mass spectrometer.

Kaufman &  Robinson

Ion Beam Technology

Kaufman and Robinson, Inc. (KRI®) designs, builds, and markets broad beam ion and plasma technology products to the vacuum process community. They offer both gridless and gridded ion sources.


Surface Metrology

KLA-Tencor is the world leader in stylus and optical profilers, offering the industry's widest range of metrology tools, including the Alpha-Step line of stylus profilers as well as the MicroXAM line of optical interferometers.

MDC Engineered Process Solutions

Vacuum Hardware, Chambers, Custom Weldments, and Components

Atmosphere to Ultra-High Vacuum

MDC Vacuum Products is a world leader in custom and standard components/systems for high and ultra-high vacuum applications. MDC also offers ISI ceramic-to-metal products and a full line of gas delivery products & services.

Polycold Systems

Polycold ® Systems

Water Pumping

High Vacuum

Polycold offers the highest quality closed-loop Cool Solutions® available in the world. Their products include PFC Water Vapor Cryopump, PCC Compact Cooler, and PGC152.

Veeco (MBE components)

Veeco (MBE components)

Veeco offers a complete range of molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) system components, including advanced heaters, power supplies, equipment controllers, cabling and software packages developed specifically for MBE processes.

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